Bedside Manner in the Information Age

Written by Dr. Michael Koriwchak

In 2003 our practice had a rare opportunity to build EMR functionality into the floor plan of our new office.  I thought I had the perfect design for the EMR-based exam room.  The spring-loaded, cantilevered arms used to hold monitors and keyboards in ICU rooms would be perfect.  Fitting a touch screen monitor to a standard PC would allow the provider to work without a mouse.  I could turn the screen toward me or toward the patient, depending on what I was doing.  Could see it all in my mind’s eye, plain as day.  Fortunately my partners had more sense than I did; the group limited the idea to 2 of 8 exam rooms.  Six months after we moved into our new space the idea had been tried and had died, and the 2 arms now sit unused.
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